Tuareg musicians from Ahaggar and Ajjers


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In May 2008, I accompanied a Japanese journalist to make a report on Tuareg music, through the interview of musicians from Tamanrasset (Ahaggar, S-W Algeria) and Djanet (Ajjers, S-E Algeria) that would participate in the Tokyo Summer Festival, next July. This event, organized by the Arion Foundation for music, would gather musicians from Sahara and also the Amazonian rain forest, under the thema of "Echoes of the forest, desert voices" . Short comments of this journey are presented in the Visual journey. The rest of this report will take place in the extraordinary context of a bunch of Tuaregs walking in the streets of Tokyo, together with yellow haired highschool girls and x-rayed boys with teddy bears hanged at their rucksack... to be followed in July !


Musicians videos


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÷ Tamanghasset ÷
 Tindi and imzad

 Lalla    Shenna



÷ Iherir÷  Tindi jerrican and tahamat

 Khadija   Khadija



÷ Djanet÷  Oud




Instruments and voices

... Imzad

Single string violin made out of a calabash, goat skin and horse's hair, imzad is a traditionnal instrument

... Ganga

Percussion made of wood and goat skin. Popular in Djanet

... Jerrycan

The jerrycan, used for stocking 4x4 gasoline, is used as a percussion.

... Oud

Six strings instrument made out of a single piece of wood. Popular in arab countries.

... Tindi

Mortar transformed in percussion by bending a goat skin. Used by all Tuareg women.

... Tazamart

Flute made of reed or metal. Used by sheperds.

... Akkas! , hand claping

Hand claping accompany tindi as well as guitar or oud music. When you hear "akkas" , clap your hands!

... Guitar

Electric guitar has been a revolution in Tuareg music from the 80's.


 Tarlilit medley

My favorite, by a Djaneti woman





imzad and tazammart (Shenna) 

tindi (Khadija)

oud (Choghli)


Visual journey


Tuareg musicians from Ahaggar and Ajjers (photoreport > clic the photo below)