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“Camel owner plan”

■ The « Camel owner » plan has been developed for boosting camel breeding in Tassili N Ajjers and creating employment as camel keepers during the off-seaon.


An become the proud owner of a Camelus dromedarius whose face will light up your long winter nights !

Starting in October, Sahara-Eliki is setting up an original scheme for pre-purchasing of camels

This « Camel owner plan » is meant to provide work for camel-scouts and herders.

Camels will be bought for a low price in Niger* and brought over through the desert all the way to the Djanet oasis in South Algeria.

Your camel’s work schedule will then be split between ferrying tourists (including yourself, of course) between October and April, and grazing for the following six-month period.

Your four-legged friend’s income will go to his grooming and care, since a camel’s well-being is told from his hump’s roundness.

The camel’s care will be entrusted to a camel-herder who will look after him as if his own and will take him grazing to the best feeding spots each Spring along with Shunichi, Kotelet and other adopted camels.

Thanks to the import of your own camel (who will bear your name), The Tassili N Ajjers will again be populated by friendly silhouettes, while decreasing the population of idle youths from Djanet’s cafés.

Happy owners will also be able to join a real caravan (of several dozens of camels) and cross the desert on the back of their purchase.

Sahara-Eliki regulary post the most popular camel profiles on blog and Eliki news.

For info, a male camel costs around 400 ~ 600 euros, while a female fetches 300~450 euros depending on season and market place.As there is a lack of pasture, we demand each owner a 25E/ month contribution.

Please feel free to write us   

*As political trouble is stricking nothern Niger, camel purchase is now made in Djanet.