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Sahara-Eliki ?

The association of nomadic life and camels

Sahara-Eliki was created out of the somewhat unlikely encounter of a Tuareg camel-herder and a French-Japanese in the Tassili N Ajjers.

Founded in Paris in 2006, this young association seeks to encourage the semi-nomadic herding lifestyle and broaden knowledge of daily life in Sahara through the organization of caravan trips, the sponsoring of camels and the production of reporting.



Our association organize its own trip and insist on camel-back travelling as the most authentic way to discover Tuareg culture. All participants in Eliki travel contribute to the "camel owner plan" and may sponsor a camel. These journeys seek to bring people of different backgrounds and cultures together and generate solidarity between the Sahara, Europe, and Asia.

The camel owner plan was started in December, 2006 in Djanet. The program buys camels and then entrusts them to local camel-herders who get a steady income during off-season, while renting the animals and using them in the context of Eliki caravans during the high season (october-may). By encouraging western people or Japanese people to buy camels and visit them in the desert, Sahara-Eliki looks for new ways of cooperation based on the bridge between cultures.

The production and posting in the internet of video footage and photos bring to light everyday life in the Sahara’s three main zones: Mali, Niger and Algeria.