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Travel in Algeria

■ Concept
■ Eliki caravan

■ Eliki tassili
■ Other ideas of travel


■ Concept : cultural but not working tourism!

Sahara-Eliki products are based on a search for authenticity in order to better give the traveler a true experience of the desert while also providing local workers with better working conditions.

This may be culturel ecotourism but not working tourism! Travelers will not have to do everyday chores, but it might be worthwhile offering them the opportunity to do so. In order to achieve that goal, traveling conditions are closer to local ones than typical tourist fare. The balance we aim at is enough flexibility, comfort and freedom while respecting the fundamental rules of desert safety. The caravan having always been about connecting different people and cultures, it is no coincidence we favor this type of desert-travel to create a multicultural experience.

You should however feel free to make request for a-la-carte travel, even if it includes 4X4 off-roading! And families with children are always welcome.


■ Eliki caravan: camel riding and trek

Camel-back and walk from Djanet oasis to Essendilene oasis. This route favours the search for pasture, water and wood.



■ Eliki tassili : Trek with donkeys

Donkey caravan trek on top of Tassili plateau. Rock art visit and walk through natural sites with geology as wonderful as paintings themselves.



■ Other ideas of travel

  •  Sbeiba        
  •  Tadrart        
  •  Hoggar        
  •  Kidal (Mali)